CyberbrainArts Angryzoid Issue No. 001 was conceptualized and written by Ms. Cel Gonzales, Illustrated and written by Carmelo Casas, Edited by Adelle Chua special contribution from by Mr Rudin Gonzales. Specialist who have contributed on the 1st issue of the questionnaires about the comics are Dr. Larimer Hugo Child and Adolescent Psychiatrist, and Msgr. Manuel G. Gabriel -Educator with Doctorate Degree. This book will be published online by CyberbrainArts Online Shop quarterly

Cyber Brain is a Science fiction comic book series. The story represents a future timeline where humanity's lifestyle has developed and evolved in reliance of utilizing computer and High-technology functions. It represents some reality that happens in our modern daily lives and an awareness where the possibility of one's fate may lie.


Uno is a boy who lived in a hidden village and also known as the protector of their land. Uno possesses an unusual power and learned controlling his gift with the guidance of his Spiritual mentor. Helping others and fighting against evil is Uno's mission in life, yet another thing that pushed him is the prophecy told by their elders and his search for his origin. With this, Uno's mentor agreed to help him and finally left the village. Upon their arrival at tech city Uno will encounter a different society to cope up with and meet the rest of the gang to team up fighting villains to save the city and eventually the world.

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