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Cel Casas Gonzales


     She is the brain and Co-founder of Cyber Brain, an educational comics that is First to incorporate learning and advocates the importance of mental health in modern times.


     She is one of the Pioneer in conceptualizing the Programs and Services of The One Algon Place Foundation. A Behavior Resource and Development Center- accredited by DOH (Department of Health), that provides services in the areas of Drug Alcohol Treatment Rehabilitation and an Acute Chronic Psychiatric Facility, for more than 13 years she holds the position of the Program Director / Quality Control Director.

     She finishes B.S. In Public Relations with Majors in Mass Communication, Broadcasting, Advertising, and Marketing at Sta. Isabel College with Masters in Developmental Communication at the University of the Philippines and Finished Community Mental Health at the same school. A DOH Accredited rehabilitation practitioner that is licensed to screen, assess and manage as accorded by law with drug addiction problem. She also completed her Certification Course in Creative Web Development Program; She is also the Organizer for both One Algon Place Foundation and Algon Consultancy Services a prevention and event management that provides training, it has rendered topics such as Drug Awareness Seminar, Common Behavioral Problems in Child and Adolescence, Anger Management Emotional Intelligence, Customer Service and Supervisory Skills Development and many more, with is goal of reforming services through values enhancement. It was attended by top businesses, academe, government, and non-government organizations all over the Philippines.

     She is the Prime mover in the study on Cyberbullying which is under the umbrella of Cyber wellness Campaign entitled (Project IRIS Intelligent Responsible Internet Surfing). It was during her stint at Algon when she encountered a Cyberbully Teenager on August 2007, came after bullied teenagers male and female with suicidal problems and bullied parents surprising but true, one thing she realizes and struck her the most is when during a group therapy while facilitating a 12-year-old male teenager shared to her the reason for bullying his parents and his computer addiction is his total loss of faith in God. She also conducted Cyber wellness Campaign for K12 teachers and parents together with her team Project IRIS at Liceo De Liliw, areas of Cavite Schools for teachers and guidance counselor, Woodridge College, Teacher, Parents and Students, Around Laguna Schools, such as Dela Salle University, Canossa, Adventist, San Sebastian College and many more….


Olemrac Casas


I'm also the co-founder and the Creator of the cyber brain comics.


     I took Fine Arts Major in Painting at Universty of Santo Tomas and became a freelance artist after. In time I became an illustrator and got involved in an international children's and educational book. As the influence of technology expanded and the demands for digital products arisen, I adopted and studied to become a digital graphic artist. I also had an experience managing an Audio Technology for more than 10 years and still continue my passion and do sidelines involving arts, video, and photography.


     Before, behind my creative journey lies personal struggle and depression. I was a troubled student which affected my school performance. Time had passed, living an independent life, and being alone is not always fun and easy, especially if things aren't going well or living an unwanted life just to survive. The breaking point of my problems and self-struggle pushed me in the endpoint of self-awareness, it wasn't easy because part of me is used to follow my escape instinct routine versus my embrace instinct saying, " Face the reality and change." I may learn the hard way, but it's worth a trip because I ended up facing my challenges smarter, valuing my life more, and others as well.


     In this Blog section with the guidance of behavioural experts, we will share some awareness, ideas, or tips about life in a new perspective and an adaptable way for the modern young minds to inspire, to educate, and to reach out especially those who are in need of enlightenment.