The Quadro Boss

The Quadro Boss

4D's minion, they are big boss characters in a digital gaming. 4D brings them into reality and use them to fight by his side.

DILIBRA: A powerful  goddess who only brings mischief and destruction.

Dilibra is the daughter of Bathala ( Sultan of gods, Omnipotent Creator) and sister of Liwa (Goddess of the light). Her selfishness and jealousy towards Liwa consumed her and led her joining hands with Alathab (The Dark god, Bathala's Arch enemy) and empowered her as the Goddess of the dark.  


A cross-class eastern warrior who mastered the way of the Samurai and Ninja. His mission is to end the conflict between the two clans that is bringing bloodshed for ages. Due to his special skills of having the ability to see the afterlife. Eventually, he saw Death and his motive that plays amidst the war. Unfortunately, facing Death in exchange of stopping the war cursed him in the end, making him an immortal soul collector of the living realm.


In the world of fantasy and magic, there is a young girl named Ummone, she is an Elfeline and a gifted summoner who holds the legendary Lavuyo staff, it is known that only the chosen one could wield and harness its unparalleled power of summoning. However, her weak and young mind has been brainwashed by an Evil Wizard's dark magic to exploit her powers. Since then Ummone has conquered and spread terror across the enchanted land.


In a vast and far away galaxy, there is a planet called VAGO. It is a planet known to have the most advance species and technology across the universe. BALAK, a Vagian who bears cosmic intelligence created a very powerful and indestructible machine that is designed to protect their world against other unpleasant races invading their planet either to conquer or steal their technology. Unexpectedly, at the height of an immense invasion BALAK was killed and left BULLDOZE uncontrollable and overridden, destroying the invaders and his own world. Since then BULLDOZE has travelled around galaxies shattering worlds.